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Quick fixes for common IT issues


Quick fix instructions for solving some of the most common ISP and connectivity-related issues.

PROBLEM: My outgoing server is not working

SOLUTION: If you are travelling this is a common occurrence, or there could be a fault on the ISP's network. Try using an alternate outgoing server.

PROBLEM: Unable to connect to website and/or download email

SOLUTION: Restart your modem/router and try again. Sometimes connections to your ISP become befuddled and a quick power off/on clears the line and gives you a fresh IP address. If it is near month-end please make sure that you have enough megabytes remaining in your ISP's cap.

PROBLEM: Email password keeps failing

SOLUTION: If you are using copy/paste, make sure that you don't copy an extra space onto the end of the password. If you are 100% sure that you are using the correct password, try restarting your modem/router which will give you a fresh IP address

PROBLEM: I need a new email password

SOLUTION: Log into CPANEL using the credentials from the welcome email which you received when you signed up. Click on Email Accounts and create a new password. If you need us to resend the welcome email please lodge a request via support ticket

PROBLEM: Wordpress password not working

SOLUTION: Go to your Wordpress login screen and click on the Lost Password link to initiate a password reset

PROBLEM: My website was updated but still shows old content

SOLUTION: While viewing your website, hold down the CNTRL and F5 keys together to refresh the page.

PROBLEM: Unable to install email but all details appear to be correct

SOLUTION: Make sure that you are not using expired software such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail or any version of Outlook older than 2007. You can download a free world class mail program called Thunderbird

PROBLEM: I am not receiving mail from someone despite several attempts

SOLUTION: Log into CPANEL, click on Mailscanner, then on "Email Black/Whitelist settings" and add the sender's email address to the whitelist section on the left. If you need us to resend the Cpanel password please lodge a request via support ticket Also, make sure that they are not using UPPERCASE letters or special characters in the subject line as this will trigger spam filters.

PROBLEM: My message shows as sent but the recipient does not have it

SOLUTION: Ask the receiver to check their spam or junk box, message filters or antivirus/firewall quarantaine folder. Outlook's own message filters may be filtering that message to another folder. Also, make sure that you are not using UPPERCASE letters or special characters in your subject line as this will trigger spam filters.

PROBLEM: I am receiving too much spam email

SOLUTION: If the spam is from a South African sender (look for in the domain name) then you should be able to simply click on the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of the email. If you would like to blacklist a sender, log into Cpanel, click on Mailscanner, then on "Email Black/Whitelist settings". Add the sender's email address to the blacklist section on the right. If you need us to resend the Cpanel password please lodge a request via support ticket

PROBLEM: I think something has been hacked

SOLUTION: Disconnect the suspected machine from the internet immediately and initiate an AV scan. Then use a clean machine or smartphone to open a support ticket requesting that we reset all of your passwords

PROBLEM: I keep getting hacked / my computer freezes or is slow

SOLUTION: If you are still using Windows XP or other expired versions of Outlook pre-2007, please chat to your IT person about updating your software and checking that all products are legitimately licenced. Note that Windows 10 does not permit the use of "copied" software. Be very careful about downloading software, movies, music and games from sites which make these available for free.




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